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Another report claims Apple will kill the headphone jack on the next iPhone

Another report claims Apple will kill the headphone jack on the next iPhone


The next iPhone may also be waterproof and support wireless charging

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Rumors are mounting that Apple will actually get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the next iPhone, with the latest report coming from Fast Company. This follows up multiple reports from Asian blogs including Macotakara stating that Apple would cut the audio port to make its flagship phone thinner.

According to Fast Company, Apple is planning on using the Lightning port for wired headphones, but it may not ship a pair of Lightning-enabled EarPods with the next-generation iPhone, instead opting to sell a pair of noise-canceling Lightning headphones separately. Apple is reportedly working to add new noise-canceling features to the audio chipset with Cirrus Logic, its audio chip partner, which will cut out background noise with the new Lightning headphones.

Apple may finally make the iPhone waterproof

Apple may also add support for wireless charging and finally make the iPhone waterproof, according to the report. Fast Company states that Apple has considered supporting wireless charging on two previous iPhones, and its plans could still change.

While wireless charging and waterproofing are two of the most requested features when it comes to iPhones, no one is complaining that the iPhone is too thick. The most requested iPhone feature is improved battery life, which would, you know, require a bigger phone unless Apple has secretly reinvented batteries.