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Listen to an hour of T-Mobile CEO John Legere asking 'Who the fuck are you?'

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Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"Who the fuck are you?" asks a perturbed John Legere, looking intensely into the camera lens. The question is directed at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and my colleague T.C. Sottek has provided a helpful answer for the CEO of T-Mobile.

Separately, I think it's important that, in the context of a new year, Mr. Legere and the rest of us take a moment to repeat this existential question until it loses its meaning, as if performing an exercise by the later Sanford Meisner as a formal of mental exorcism. Who the fuck are we? Who the fuck are we? Who the fuck are we?

I still don't know, but hopefully an hour of Mr. Legere repeating those words will help us all find out.

Oh, now I remember where I know this from!

How Am I Not Myself? from Ryan Robles on Vimeo.