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Get $200 off an Oculus Rift with Dell’s new PC bundles

Get $200 off an Oculus Rift with Dell’s new PC bundles


Buying the Rift with an Oculus Ready PC will be more affordable than doing it separately

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The Oculus Rift's $599 price has been a tough pill to swallow for many, but there's already a way in which you can slice it down to a more reasonable size: buy the Rift with a Dell or Alienware PC. Here at CES, Dell has just announced that it will take $200 off the price of purchasing a Rift VR headset with one of its certified Oculus Ready PCs.

$599 + $1,199 = $1,598

So far, there are only three PC makers approved to carry the Oculus Ready branding — Dell, Alienware, and Asus — and two of them are technically the same company. Dell is capitalizing on that leading position now by opening orders for its Oculus Rift bundles, which are built around the Alienware X51 and Dell XPS 8900 desktops. The Oculus-certified variants of those PCs start at $1,199, which Dell will discount by $200 when you buy them along with a Rift headset. Deliveries of these bundles will be at the same time as those for direct preorders with Oculus, which are presently expected on March 28th.

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