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Game of Thrones season six premieres on April 24th

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Start your countdown clock — only three and a half months to go

We knew Game of Thrones was coming back to HBO for its sixth season in April, but the network's finally announced the exact date everyone's favorite fantasy returns to TV. Season six is going to premiere on April 24, and it'll constitute the first half of a two-hour, three-show premiere block alongside Silicon Valley and Veep.

Variety notes that every other Game of Thrones season has premiered between the middle of March and early April, and an astute Game of Thrones superfan predicted season six's exact premiere date way back in November when the season's first teaser was released. You only have to wait another 108 days to discover Jon Snow's fate, reunite with Bran Stark, and play along with the Game of Game of Thrones — start your timers!