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The Verge staff loves Hugh Jackman so much more than he knows

The Verge staff loves Hugh Jackman so much more than he knows


Dispatches from the CES trailer

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It's day four of The Verge's time at CES 2016, and morale is not ideal. It's not that we don't love our jobs, and cool gadgets, and writing content for all of you, it's just that we fucking hate being awake for 20 hours a day. You can understand.

Also: after four days of refusing to eat the salad, our choices have come back to haunt us.


We despaired of finding solutions to the mid-CES blues, until a fateful retweet led us to the Twitter account of famous Australian, X-Man, Tony's host, and smiler, Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman is a delight, as you may already know from any time you have seen him do anything.

Hugh Jackman is our CES boyfriend

What you may not have known is that his Twitter is the most optimistic and inspirational and occasionally surrealist account of human life that has ever been committed to the web. Hugh Jackman believes in self-love, and posts a selfie almost every day. But he's extremely modest about his accomplishments, offering humble apologies for never mastering the art form.

Hugh Jackman never stops trying though, making his timeline the perfect antidote to CES ennui. You keep selfie-ing sweet prince, and we'll keep CES-ing.

The Verge staff's favorite motivational Hugh Jackman tweets are as follows:

Loren Grush, Science Reporter

Tom Connors, Senior Video Director

Sophie Erickson, Video Producer

Sarah Smithers, Editorial Coordinator

Liz Lopatto, Science Editor

Jordan Golson, Transportation Reporter

Miriam Nielsen, Video Director

Vjeran Pavic, Video Director

Nick Statt, Tech Reporter

Josh Dzieza, Reports Editor

Frank Bi, Editorial Engineer

Jake Kastrenakes, News Editor

"I opened his Twitter page, but made no selection. I'm overwhelmed by the choices."

Chris Welch, News Editor

Sam Byford, News Editor

Mark Linsangan, Video Director

Vlad Savov, Senior Vlad

Kaitlyn Tiffany, Social Media Manager

Matt Brigidi, Video Publishing

Adi Robertson, Senior Tech Reporter

We, the Verge staff, vow to live every day like it's "TUESDAY." Thank you, Hugh Jackman. We love you more than you could ever know.

Updated January 7th, 10:54 PM ET: Added the favorite tweet of Adi Robertson, who was late submitting her response because she was working on actual news.