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The space cadets invade NASA's booth at CES

The space cadets invade NASA's booth at CES

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As a science reporter who specializes in space coverage, I've felt a tad out of place at CES. I'm not properly trained in the ways of covering smart fridges and hoverboards. What's the ideal way to do a hands on with a 360-degree action camera or a virtual reality headset? Beats me. Plus, the gadgets that claim to be backed by science don't seem have much research behind them at all. It's hard out here for a wayward space reporter.

So imagine my complete and utter excitement when I found out that NASA actually has a booth at CES this year. It's the space agency's first time presenting, and they're showing off some of the technology they use on the International Space Station, as well as some of their concept ideas for the Journey to Mars. When I found that out, I all but sprinted to the booth. Finally, I was with my people. Check out how our time at the NASA booth went in the video above.

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