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Dell's Oculus Rift bundles could ship before preorders from Oculus itself

Attempting to preorder an Oculus Rift VR headset from the company's own website right now saddles you with an expected shipping window of June. But going through Dell's avenue — purchasing a Rift bundled together with either a Dell or Alienware Oculus Ready PC — might actually get you a Rift sooner. When I spoke with Alienware GM Frank Azor earlier today, he suggested that purchasers of such bundles would get their Rifts at the same time as people who initially preordered the headset: around the end of March or the beginning of April.

In a later Q&A session here at CES, Azor and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey confirmed this suggestion, saying that some Alienware / Dell bundle purchasers are likely to receive their rigs before preorder buyers ordering through Oculus' site now. In short: if you're desperate to get ahold of a Rift as soon as you can, Dell's bundle deal could let you obtain one sooner than ordering from Oculus itself.

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