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Kendrick Lamar performed a new song on The Tonight Show last night

In case you could've possibly thought any different, Kendrick Lamar's still got it. K.Dot performed a new song, "Untitled 2" on The Tonight Show last night, and even the easily excitable Jimmy Fallon seemed extra excited about it.

"You ain't gotta tell me that I'm the one."

Kendrick starts off calmly, but with the kind of finesse it takes some rappers a verse or so to get into: "Two tears in a bucket, I cry with you." Because the song is without a chorus, Lamar's edgeless flow makes the track feel like a freestyle, but its slick sophistication belies the fact that it's probably not off the dome.

"Untitled 2" is about money: not having enough of it, getting scammed out of it, and feeling uncomfortable with it once you get more than you started with: "I hit the bank today and tell them color me bad / blue faces / get that new money, and it's breaking me down."

The whole thing is great, but make sure you stick around for the end when Lamar's composed persona collapses into defiance: "You ain't gotta tell me that I'm the one." We know, Kendrick, we know.

Correction, 11:37AM ET: An earlier version of this article stated the backing band was the Roots — it is Kendrick's own band. We regret the error.