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John Boyega is the breakout star of this set of Getty stock photos

John Boyega is the breakout star of this set of Getty stock photos

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"further education: class demonstration" / Chris Schmidt
"further education: class demonstration" / Chris Schmidt
Getty Images

John Boyega has a beautiful face — a face that is famous for appearing in recent film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At one time however, his face was not famous. Only beautiful.

People with beautiful faces are often asked to appear in photographs that will later become parts of advertisements. In fact, if you have a truly beautiful face you can pretty much expect that at some point someone will ask you to associate your beautiful face with something that is for sale. I don't know for sure that John Boyega was expecting it, but it sure did happen to him.

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"further education: group work" / Chris Schmidt / Getty Images

john boyega getty images

"further education: teenage interview" / Chris Schmidt / Getty Images

getty images john boyega

"further education: school friends" / Chris Schmidt / Getty Images

In John Boyega's case, the thing that was for sale was education. Much like everything I have witnessed John Boyega doing in the public sphere, this warms my heart. Afterwards, he bought some new sneakers, as young people are wont to do when they get big checks for doing something as simple as having a face. The joy that I'm feeling just thinking about this pleasant but unimpressive event in someone else's life is really making me feel better about myself as a person.

I'm happy that John Boyega can look back fondly on this chapter in his life. May he stay beautiful for all his days.

The only downside to this story is that, as far as I know, no one else in these photos went on to appear in a Star Wars film. At least they had enough money for some new kicks at one point.