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Apple and Google reportedly bidding to live stream NFL London games

Apple and Google reportedly bidding to live stream NFL London games

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

According to a new report from Reuters, the NFL is looking to expand its live stream experiments by making all three of its London games available to watch online next season.

Apple and Google reportedly in bidding talks

Who, exactly, will be the partner running the live streams is unclear, but Reuters points to Apple and Google as two candidates in talks. It's also unclear, according to Reuters, if a company would make a deal for a three-game package or for individual games. We do know that any deal made will be big: Yahoo — which partnered to stream the NFL's first foray into live streaming — reportedly paid $20 million for the opportunity. (That game was also played in the UK.)

Reuters also reports that bidding is happening for the NFL's Thursday night football package, including live stream rights. A decision on that will reportedly come before the Super Bowl.

Yahoo's live stream seemed to be a qualified success. Although the league was quick to say that the stream had a unique viewership of more than 15 million people, it still didn't stack up to the viewership-per-minute numbers of traditional TV broadcasts.

Next season's three London games are all scheduled for October.