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This is the CES gadget Conan O'Brien called the 'Titbit'

This is the CES gadget Conan O'Brien called the 'Titbit'


Guys just wouldn't understand

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There are wearables, and then there are wearables, as in the things we actually have to wear, or feel compelled to wear on a very regular basis. That's supposed to be the draw of the OmBra, a new $150 "smart" sports bra that tracks your activity, heart rate, and breathing, and sends it to an app. It has sensors built directly into the fabric of the bra and a black plastic bluetooth box that snaps into the band of the bra.

Whether it's because people love the idea of having technology built into every fibre of their clothing and being or whether it's because CES turns us all temporarily into 15-year-old boys, OmSignal's smart bra was a hot topic this week. Even Conan O'Brien had a little fun with the bra. In the video above, OmSignal's co-founder and CEO Stephane Marceau talks more about the technology inside the bra and what he thinks the biggest challenge is in making connected clothing.