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Apple is reportedly working on truly wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7

Apple is reportedly working on truly wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7


A perfect companion for a phone with no headphone jack

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Truly wireless earbuds are finally coming into their own here at CES 2016, but it might not be long before tech's biggest company reveals its own pair. The oft-reliable 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple is working on a premium set of entirely wireless earbuds — under the Beats brand — that could debut alongside the iPhone 7 later this year.

Apple's earbuds are said to include "a noise-cancelling microphone system" that will allow users to interact with the iPhone and control Siri completely wirelessly. 9to5Mac's report says that Apple's current concept resembles what we've seen (and been impressed by) from Bragi at CES this week. And they're recharged when placed inside a carrying case, similar to the Motorola Hint.

It's believed that these premium headphones will be an optional purchase and won't come bundled with the iPhone 7; instead, a revamped pair of EarPods are in development for inclusion in the box. Presumably those will plug into the Lightning port, because yes, Apple really is (probably) getting rid of the headphone jack. Numerous rumors have pointed to a future of Bluetooth headphones and others powered by Apple's Lightning jack, and 9to5Mac's latest report is yet more confirmation of that plan. Apple is likely to introduce the iPhone 7 this fall, months after a mid-cycle introduction for the smaller-sized "iPhone 6C" rumored for release this March. However, Apple's said to be considering several designs for the new flagship, with one option that "substantially" resembles the iPhone 6 / 6S.

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