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Livestream’s CEO on his company’s first ever consumer camera, the Movi

Little League games never looked so good

Livestream is a company that's best known for its namesake technology, so it was a little surprising when CES was kicked off with the announcement of the Movi. While Livestream has been making professional recording equipment for a few years, this was the first time the company had ever attempted consumer hardware.

For $399, the Movi gives people who are on a budget the chance to replicate a multi-camera setup with something they could fit in their pocket. The camera films a scene in 4K, and users can create multiple virtual cameras on the iOS app and then switch between them in real time. The Movi can make the footage of everything from conference panels, to little league games, to school plays look much more dynamic.

It's an impressive little camera, so we had Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg join us at The Verge's booth to talk about how the idea was born, why the company got into consumer hardware, and what comes next after the Movi.

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