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Hulu adds Dawson's Creek, The Shield, and more thanks to latest deal with Sony

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dawson's creek
dawson's creek

Last year was big for Hulu, with the launch of its ad-free tier and its exclusive deal to stream all episodes of Seinfeld, and now the service is kicking off 2016 with more content deals. Hulu has signed a multi-year licensing deal with Sony, giving the service shows like Dawson's Creek, The Shield, and Party of Five, according to Variety. The deal also includes a number of Sony films, including Jerry Maguire, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, and My Best Friends Wedding. They'll all be available commercial free, if you're signed up for the service's premium plan.

With the addition of the classic Sony TV series, Hulu now finds itself in the position of having a number of hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Beyond juggernaut Seinfeld, which reportedly cost around $160 million, Hulu has a number of classic Nikelodeon shows like Hey Arnold, Doug, and The Ren & Stimpy Show. The service seems well aware of its nostalgia push, and was reportedly giving out everything from wrist slappers to mood rings to promote its throwback library.

Other than adding more classic content to its library, Hulu has expanded its original programming push. Combined, those efforts have given the service a total of 9 million subscribers as of late last year. That represented a significant 50 percent growth over 2014, but it still pales in comparison to Netflix.