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Uber discounting rides in over 100 North American cities to battle quiet winter months

If you ride Uber in one of over 100 cities across North America, you're in for a pleasant surprise. The company is cutting prices starting today in order to respond to the typically-slow winter months. According to Bloomberg, those cities include LA and San Francisco, both of which will see 10 percent cuts. Boston and Washington, D.C. are also on the list. New York and Chicago are not.

This isn't a new practice for Uber, though the number of cities seems to have increased. Last January, the company cut prices in 48 cities, which included some discounts up to 40 percent. The idea is to help get people out of the house and, more importantly, into Uber rides during the coldest months of the year.

Discounted prices can be a hard sell for Uber drivers, who'll make less per ride, but the company promises that increased ridership will make up for lower fares. And, as in the past, Uber will guarantee that drivers make at least a minimum dollar amount for driving, provided they fit the criteria. The company tells Bloomberg that drivers will have to accept at least 90 percent of ride requests to qualify, and dollar amounts will vary by city and time of day. It's not clear how long the company's guarantee will last — Uber says that the price drops will be effective indefinitely.