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The EU is considering major fines for Google over alleged Android antitrust violations

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European antitrust regulators are set to order Google’s parent company Alphabet to stop incentivizing Android phone makers to preinstall Google search on their phones, according to Reuters. They are are also considering imposing a substantial fine on the company.

Last year, European Union regulators lodged a formal antitrust complaint against Google for how the company prominently installed search and other proprietary apps on Android phones. Reuters cited a document that was sent to the company earlier this year, which listed off the specific concerns that regulators had, and which also states that regulators intend "to set the fine at a level which will be sufficient to ensure deterrence."

This appears to be separate from massive fines that the EU is reportedly imposing on the company for monopolistic practices when it comes to search, which could go as high as €3.3 billion Euros.