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Oculus Touch controllers are now available for preorder for $199

Oculus Touch controllers are now available for preorder for $199


Rift buyers get priority access

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Preorders are now open for Oculus Touch, ahead of the controller bundle's launch on December 6th. For $199, people who preorder the bundle will get two Touch controllers, as well as an additional tracking camera, a connector for Rock Band VR, and two games that use the new devices: party game VR Sports Challenge, and first-person magic battler The Unspoken.

Priority for preorders is given to people who already bought a Rift through Oculus' own store — if you preordered and purchased the headset earlier this year, then you've already secured the rights to preorder a Touch, as long as you make your order before midnight PT on October 27th. For everyone else, stock is likely to be limited, so if you're dead set on augmenting your Rift experience with hand-held controllers, you might want to place your preorder sooner rather than later.

"We are planning to fulfill preorders December 6th."

Oculus Rift preorders went out over a period of months, but at last week's Connect conference, company CEO Brendan Iribe told us that wasn't going to be the case with Touch. "I announced 'in volume, December 6th.' We chose that date so that we had enough volume," he said. "We could be overwhelmed in a way that we didn't expect, but that's not what we're planning for. We are planning to fulfill preorders December 6th."

Oculus has promised that early Touch purchasers will be able to play more than 35 games with the controllers at launch, including sci-fi survival game Arktika.1, zero-gravity traversal game Lone Echo, and bullet-time shooter Robo Recall. Oculus will also ship additional room-scale sensors from December 6th for $79 each, allowing users to make rooms into full-sized VR play chambers. Preorders for these will begin on October 31st.

Clarification: Preorders for third Rift sensors begin on October 31st.