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Why buy the official White Walker mask when you can wear this for Halloween?

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white walker

Obviously the perfect Halloween costume for the year of 2016 is a White Walker from HBO’s Game of Thrones. There are a lot of reasons that this choice makes perfect sense to me:

  1. White Walkers had a big year on Game of Thrones this season, in that they killed one of your favorite characters and the audience learned a little bit about their mythology via flashback. Additionally, they finally made it be winter after six years of just talking about it.
  2. White Walkers are scary.

Unfortunately, the official HBO licensed White Walker mask is sold out in the HBO online store. If you still want to be a White Walker for Halloween, and I’m sure you do, you have another option:

This off-brand White Walker mask available on eBay, which you can return within 30 days of your purchase!

white walker mask

According to the seller, the jaw moves when you talk — a major feature that the official White Walker mask does not offer. Also according to the seller, this mask is perfect for parties or just "to scare someone." Like I said, White Walkers are terrifying. They turn people into blue-eyed zombies upon contact!

This mask is even better than the official White Walker mask in my opinion, because it sort of looks like the props coordinator in charge of the White Walker masks left this one on top of a griddle. Depending on how dark you feel like getting, you could also imagine that the mask was left on an actor’s face while he napped outdoors and it was gradually baked into his or her flesh by the Belfast sun and eventually his or her hair started growing through it, but he or she did not complain that much because hey, at least the jaw moves!

zombie mask

On Halloween, the only thing better than dressing up is being asked what you’re dressed up as. The fact that your #1 Frenemy has to say "Wait, I love your costume... what is it?" lets you feel briefly that you’re cooler than them and have a wider range of cultural reference. It feels nice. If you wore an official HBO White Walker mask it would be safe to assume that 9 million Americans (at least) would not have to ask you what you were dressed as. With this mask you get a topical and highly scary costume, and you hang on to your right to say "Umm, okay Brett, let me give you a hint. I’m... a humanoid snow monster from the most popular high fantasy television show that ever existed? Like, have you ever experienced culture, or..."

The officially licensed White Walker mask is available to order from Kohl’s, which is selling it for seven dollars less than HBO was. But that just feels way less fun now.