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South Korean Burger King restaurants seem to have special Note 7-proof gloves

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Exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices are enough of a danger that Samsung has effectively recalled the phone, but with a number of devices still out in the wild, it's a good thing that Burger King restaurants in Samsung's native country of South Korea are prepared for any eventuality. A video, seemingly shot in a Korean Burger King restaurant and uploaded this weekend, appears to show a sparking Note 7 device on a table. As smoke pours from its body, it's gingerly handled by a brave employee clad in heavy-duty gloves, who drops it onto the floor before carrying it away from other paying customers.

Samsung has confirmed that the device in question is indeed a Note 7, but it has not commented on what kind of gloves are best used to pick up the defective devices should they choose to catch fire. Of course, the gloves shown in this video could simply be standard oven gloves, brought from the back of the restaurant by a quick-thinking employee, but if Samsung wants to make some money back on the doomed Note 7 maybe it should think about marketing its own explosion-proof products. As long as they don't catch fire, too.