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Here’s what a smoking Galaxy Note 7 looks like

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Now imagine this on an airplane

After a bunch of fires — something you want to avoid in a smartphone — the Galaxy Note 7 is gone. Everyone can agree that your phone catching fire is a bad thing, but at the moment it’s a bit abstract. All we’ve seen are pictures of phones after they caught fire, so it was a bit tricky to imagine just what was going on to these phones.

No longer. The Associated Press has video of Dee Decasa’s phone catching fire in her Honolulu home Sunday morning — this is the sixth reported replacement Note 7 to catch fire in the US, if you’re keeping track. In the video, you can see a clearly alarmed Decasa carry a smoking phone into the kitchen and place it down, before apparently fainting.

It’s easy to imagine how terrifying it would be to have a phone begin smoking like this on a plane or on your bedside table. No thanks.