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Microsoft's HoloLens preorders go live in Europe, ships next month

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Microsoft is bringing its HoloLens headset to more countries next month. The software giant is planning to expand HoloLens availability to Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom in November. Preorders for the headset will begin today, and shipments should start later next month. Microsoft originally launched the HoloLens development kits in the US priced at $3,000, and the pricing across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK will be based on a currency conversion for each region. Here's the current pricing:

  • Germany, France, and Ireland: 3,299 Euro ($3,633)
  • UK: £2,719 ($3,335)
  • Australia: 4,369 AU dollars ($3,308)
  • New Zealand: 7,829 NZ dollars ($5,527)

While Microsoft kept HoloLens under wraps for a long time, the company has been gradually expanding its availability in recent months. Back in August Microsoft started allowing anyone with $3,000 to purchase HoloLens for the company's online store, although the headset is still largely targeted at developers and business customers right now. Microsoft is expected to talk more about HoloLens at the company's Surface hardware event later this month.