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Amazon is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories

Amazon is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories

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James Bareham / The Verge

Now that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead, with production stopped and customers being asked to power down the device and exchange it, a whole slew of accessories have been rendered useless. For those who may have bought a case, wireless charging dock, or some other Note 7 accessory on, there is hope. Users on Reddit are reporting successfully receiving refunds from the online retailer for those products, even for those purchased outside the site’s standard 30-day return window.

It's unclear if Amazon is only handling these refunds on a case by case basis, or if it will have a more formal process to request a refund for products related to the recalled smartphone. A company spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that in most cases, its Note 7 refund policy does extend to accessories. Yet as it stands right now, you have to do so by contacting Amazon's customer support directly and communicating the issue to a representative.

Reiterate that the issue is the phone exploding

Any Note 7 owners who now have products they cannot use can initiate the process by logging into their Amazon account and heading over to the "Contact Us" page. From there, you can select the product in question — you may have to select, "Choose A Different Order" to find products outside the 30-day refund window — and enter the required prompts. At the end of the page, you should be able to start an email, phone call, or text chat with Amazon support.