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Pandora now lets you share tracks and start radio stations within iMessage

Pandora now lets you share tracks and start radio stations within iMessage


So you can share music mid-text conversation

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Pandora is coming to iMessage, securing the spot as one of the first music streaming apps to debut on Apple's messaging platform. Pandora arrives a month after the iOS update, allowing users to send tracks to their friends without leaving their text conversation. The recipient will get a 30-second preview and has the option to start a Pandora radio station based on that track. This being a messaging app, Pandora has also created a pack of 12 custom stickers that let you react to the tunes you're sharing.

The announcement follows the launch of Shazam's new iMessage app, which also lets you send previews of the song tracks you've discovered to the person you're texting. Other notable (non-music) apps that have embraced iMessage integration include Tinder; its "Tinder Stacks" feature lets you choose a bundle of pictures to distribute to people in your iMessage conversation. Those people get to swipe left and right, a sort of group poll that helps you decide which potential flame to pursue.

Pandora's integration with iMessage was unveiled not long after rebranding of its logo, and the recent revamp of its $5/month streaming service Pandora Plus. The reveal follows a major announcement in the music streaming world, the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited. Pandora is also expected to launch its own full on-demand streaming service sometime this year, although the company hasn't given anyone specific hints on when that will be (apart from that it will launch soon).

Pandora for iMessage should be available to download today from the iMessage App Store for all Pandora users.

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