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Some of the best iOS games ever made are on sale in the App Store

Some of the best iOS games ever made are on sale in the App Store

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The iOS App Store has been a huge boon for indie developers, offering devs a place to sell apps to a massive audience that’s all already running the same operating system and hardware.

Now, Apple is highlighting some of these marquee games in a limited time Indie Gems sale on the App Store, and it’s including some of the greatest games on the platform. All the games in the sale are at least 50 percent off, and include some of the best mobile games on any platform, like Monument Valley, Threes!, and Alto’s Adventure (my personal favorite, which I can’t recommend enough).

Also of note is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary, and the Jules Verne-inspired adventure game 80 Days, which is on sale for the first time ever. There’s almost no bad choices in the 15 games on offer here.

So stop playing Clash of Clans, spend a few bucks supporting independent developers, and dramatically improve your commute with some great new games.

The full list of games along with their sale prices is included below.