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Boy tries on Halloween costume for the first time, is overtaken by the spirit of dance

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There's just something about trying on a Halloween costume for the first time that would make anyone giddy with excitement.

Maybe you're not even into Halloween that much, and you do the bare minimum every year by reluctantly slapping on some vampire fangs. That's fine! But even the most apathetic of non-celebrators can find something to appreciate in this video of a boy dressed as a "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man riding around on a swagtron who also happens to be harboring a secret identity."

This video should also be cherished for the song in the background, which is maybe the most poppin' Christian music I've ever heard:

I hope this video will inspire everyone to use this weekend to nail down their plans and get their Halloween costumes ready. And if you do end up trying your costume on for the first time, maybe document it so we can all share in your joy!