New trailers: Rogue One, Power Rangers, Marvel's Iron Fist, and more

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Just before we started dating, my girlfriend and I went together to see Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life in theaters. I remember sitting there for the first hours with my jaw wide, marveling at the strange ways it intermingled modern life and the birth of the universe.

So we went together again to see Malick's Voyage of Time this past weekend. It's a documentary, sort of. It's more like a meandering visual poem, taking inspiration from The Tree of Life's trippiest parts and turning them into a 40-minute overview of how we went from the Big Bang to modern humans — with some occasional Brad Pitt narration to top it all off.

There isn't necessarily anything groundbreaking about the film, no one point you can walk away saying you necessarily learned from or loved. But there's something wonderful about seeing all this history unfold over 40 minutes, watching our planet go from nothing to a green surface. Somehow, when you're dramatizing the existence of everything, the emergence of bacteria becomes strangely inspiring.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

Rogue One

We're two months out from Rogue One, and there's now a final trailer out trying to hype everyone up with swelling music and speeches about hope. It all feels a little much in a two-minute trailer, but there are some highlights here: mainly, the (spoilery) revelation that we're in for another parent / child drama over the fate of the galaxy. Does that happen strangely often in the Star Wars universe? Maybe. But it works, so I'm not gonna complain. The film's out December 16th.

Power Rangers

I expected this to be a full-on cheesefest, but I think, maybe, possibly, it's not? This first trailer for Power Rangers is weird. Like it's this super-glossy Transformers-esque world, but shot at canted angles and filled with intentionally (I think) goofy melodrama. We still haven't seen much, but maybe this could turn out better than what the phrase "Power Rangers movie" might lead you to expect. Or maybe I'm just being way too generous here. It's out next March.

Iron Fist

I'm all for martial arts battles replacing the endless explosions and gun fights we see in every action sequence nowadays, so here's hoping Iron Fist can deliver. But my real concern is whether the show can establish a strong identity for itself the way Marvel's other Netflix series have, because this trailer feels a lot like a blander Daredevil. We'll see how things go — the show doesn't come out till next March, so this is a really early look.


Divines got some great reviews out of Cannes this year, and now Netflix is introducing it to the world with a trailer that's all at once funny, charming, and disconcerting. The film is about a duo of teenage girls who are ready to get rich, and hang out with a sweaty shirtless dude, by selling drugs. It'll be out November 18th.

Loving Vincent

I have no idea if this biopic of Vincent Van Gogh will be any good, but it's definitely going to be something special to look at. The film is made from 62,450 oil paintings done in Van Gogh's style, and seeing them come to life is both uncomfortably uncanny and remarkably beautiful. The film doesn't appear to have a release date yet.

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick came out of nowhere in 2014 to become a surprise hit thanks to its combination of a dead-simple plot, a lot of style, and a ton of action. And now the series is back for another entry that doesn't change a single thing about the format. Also, it has Laurence Fishburne in it, and who doesn't love seeing a little Matrix reunion. Chapter 2 comes out February 10th.

Army of One

Some quick points:

1. Nicolas Cage

2. Russell Brand plays God

3. It's going straight to DVD