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NBC won’t air its Donald Trump-inspired Law & Order: SVU episode until after the election

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law & order svu Michael Parmelee / NBC

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has long been known for ripping the plots of its episodes out of real-life events, but NBC has decided to hold an upcoming episode of the show inspired by Donald Trump until after the upcoming presidential election. "Unstoppable", which features a Trump-like figure engrossed in a sexual assault scandal, was originally scheduled to air on October 26th. Now, Variety reports that NBC will not release the episode until after the election, though no new air date has been announced.

The episode was completed before the recent allegations

According to the report, the episode had been in the works for several months and had completed production long before the allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump erupted last weekend. The storyline for the episode is said to revolve around a lawsuit brought by a woman claiming to have been raped by the candidate — played by Office Space’s Gary Cole — when she was a teenager.

Variety’s sources at NBC claim that the decision to move the episode was made due to the ongoing accusations spurred by the release of an Access Hollywood recording that featured Trump bragging about his sexual misdeeds to TV personality Billy Bush. NBC has also recently come under fire after reports emerged that it had been sitting on the Access Hollywood tape, and was considering not releasing it until it had removed footage of Bush — who had recently joined NBC’s Today show. Bush is now on suspension.