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Dan Sultan is a singing, 3D-printed head in the music video for Magnetic

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Australian alt-rock singer Dan Sultan just released his latest single, "Magnetic." It was accompanied by a really cool music video: one that features a stop-motion film of a 3D-printed bust of the singer.

Sultan contacted Melbourne-based studio Dropbear Digital to produce the animated video, but according to Dezeen "due to other commitments, he couldn't be around" to be filmed for the project. Director Jonathan Chong came up with the idea to use a 3D scan of the singer's head, which would then be animated using stop motion.

The video used 2,700 images and took two months to complete

Chong used the scan to produce over 60 individual, 3D-printed parts, which were used to produce the bust's facial expressions. The video required 2,700 images and two months to complete, and featured some additional visual effects. The end result is an eye-catching and vibrant soul-pop video.

Sultan is now on tour in Australia, with a new record expected in 2017.