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Musk delays Tesla 'product unveiling' to Wednesday

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Earlier this month, Elon Musk said that Tesla would be holding a "product unveiling" today, Monday October 17th. But late last night ET, Musk tweeted that the company was delaying the announcement to this Wednesday instead. "Needs a few more days of refinement," was the reason Musk gave for the change of plans.

This isn't surprising behavior for the Tesla CEO, nor does it suggest any major problems with the event. Musk simply has a habit of teasing news on Twitter before said news is completely ready to be announced. Plus, whatever this event is for (it could be the "big" Model 3 news promised in June), there have been no press invites, so Tesla doesn't have to worry about a bunch of angry journalists being told to go back home at the last minute.

And if the event on Wednesday isn't enough Tesla news for you this month, there's another conference later on where the company is expected to unveil its integrated solar roof product. That's currently scheduled for Friday, October 28th, but look out for last-minute tweets from Musk on that one, too.

Tesla Model 3 4k Track Footage