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A new Red Dead game is slowly being revealed via Twitter

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Yesterday Rockstar Games teased the long-awaited follow-up to Red Dead Redemption with a simple tweet: the company’s logo over a splash of the brand’s stark red. Today, the developer all but confirmed the latest entry in the Western franchise with an image of seven cowboys cresting a hill, the sun and mountains behind them. It’s safe to assume this week will lurch forward with tiny updates, culminating with official word on the game’s title.

Fans of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption are eager to learn if the new game is a sequel, or more likely, a prequel. The aforementioned game ended on a rather permanent note, and rumors have suggested the new entry will, in some part, tell the story of outlaw protagonist John Marston before the events of Redemption.

To wildly speculate about a piece of promotional art, the seven cowboys call to mind The Magnificent Seven, the story of seven ne’er-do-wells contracted to save a town. Rockstar Games has long borrowed from popular cinema, and a story similar to an iconic spaghetti Western doesn’t seem like a stretch. However, it’s more likely the many cowboys is a reference to possible online features. Rockstar’s mega-hit Grand Theft Auto 5 found tremendous success as a single-player experience, but has remained popular for years thanks to the inclusion of Grand Theft Auto Online.

We’ll likely know much more about this Red Dead game in the coming days.