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Captain Planet movie may be coming from Leonardo DiCaprio's production company

Captain Planet movie may be coming from Leonardo DiCaprio's production company


Would follow a jaded and cynical hero years after cartoon series

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If you're feeling a little blue about the state of the environment, Leonardo DiCaprio might have the movie for you. The actor's production company, Appian Way, is reportedly partnering with Paramount to make a film about Captain Planet — the green-haired environmentalist superhero last seen in '90s cartoons. The two companies are said to be in talks for the rights to the character, and are apparently lining up writers to tell a story about a jaded, washed-up version of the superhero.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script — by relative newcomer Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell — would follow Captain Planet years after the events of his cartoon series. Unable to succeed in his goal of taking pollution down to zero, the good Captain now needs the help of the five kids he had previously recruited in his environmentalist mission, each representing the power of wind, fire, earth, water, and um, "heart."

This is the second time a Captain Planet movie has been mooted. Sony Pictures previously entered negotiations for the rights to the character, but didn't end up producing a film, clearing the way for Paramount's new take. The topic's likely to be something of a pet project for DiCaprio, too, who has become something of a Hollywood Captain Planet in recent years — minus the green hair, blue skin, and flight capabilities, of course.