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Clinton campaign considered Bill Gates, Tim Cook for VP

Clinton campaign considered Bill Gates, Tim Cook for VP

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An email from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta released in the recent WikiLeaks dump reveals a group of potential running mates considered by Clinton's campaign. Clinton's vice presidential candidates, while not altogether surprising, include some vaguely interesting choices like Bill and Melinda Gates, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

In the email, Podesta says he has organized the list into "rough food groups," one of which includes all the people mentioned above. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz are also in this "food group," along with Michael Bloomberg.

With just under 40 names on the list, it's not immediately obvious how close any of these people came to actually being asked to take on the role (Tim Kaine is on the list). While Tim Cook has previously donated money to both the Democratic and Republican parties, he recently hosted a fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, a stanch conservative.