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Tesla: Change in Model 3 language on website ‘doesn’t reflect any change in our plans’

Tesla: Change in Model 3 language on website ‘doesn’t reflect any change in our plans’


New reservations delivered by ‘mid 2018 or later’

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Tesla has changed the language on the Model 3 marketing page of its website, which now says that "production" of its Model 3 vehicle would begin by the end of 2017. Previously, the text said "Deliveries begin late 2017." Though the new language suggests a delay in the Model 3 rollout, Tesla says it doesn’t.

"Today’s website update doesn’t reflect any change in our plans," a Tesla spokesperson tells The Verge. "We still plan to begin Model 3 deliveries in late 2017, and we adjusted the date on our marketing page to reflect more accurate timing for new/future reservation holders."

A new line was also added addressing when new reservations will arrive — "Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 or later." Tesla says it is meant to manage delivery timeline expectations for customers making a new Model 3 reservation.

Tesla investors are sensitive to any indications of delay, as Musk’s timelines are generally very aggressive (and he frequently has trouble meeting them).

At the Code Conference earlier this year, Musk said that when he lays out a schedule, "it is actually the schedule I think is true. It’s not some fake schedule that I don’t think is true. It may be delusional, that is entirely possible and has happened from time to time, but it is never some knowingly fake deadline, ever."

It remains to be seen if Tesla can meet Musk’s aggressive timeline for the Model 3.