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Twin Peaks teaser reveals nothing from new season except the passage of time

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Showtime released a teaser for the new Twin Peaks sequel coming in 2017, featuring cast members talking about returning to film. The teaser doesn't show any new footage or reveal much of anything, but the seeing what the returning actors look like now is truly a gift in itself.

The clip features a host of original actors like Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Miguel Ferrer (FBI forensics specialist Albert Rosenfield), Kimmy Robertson (the adorable Lucy), Harry Goaz (Andy), and James Marshall (James Hurley, who sucks real bad).

It's a delight watching the actors recall how they heard the first rumblings of a revival, then meeting up to shoot the new season, which is set 25 years after the end of the original series. "It's almost as if no time had passed," a gray-haired Dana Ashbrook (a once-young and temperamental Bobby) says.

There's also some newcomers in the clip, like Jim Belushi and folk singer Chrysta Bell, who coyly warns us to "prepare to be a little out of your comfort zone." This teaser has shown me that no one is immune to the slow but relentless march of time, so I've already been placed well outside my comfort zone, thanks.