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The scariest costume of all this Halloween is the Galaxy Note 7 recall

The scariest costume of all this Halloween is the Galaxy Note 7 recall


If you're a Samsung executive

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Some Halloween costumes never go out of fashion, like a goblin or a ghoul or a zombie with no conscience. Others are only relevant for a single season; burning brightly before flaming out into nothingness. And never has that description been more apposite than with this year's must-have hallowmeme costume: the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

Facebook user and now viral video sharer Chris Kiley has the goods, with a simple costume to delight young and old, and thoroughly traumatize Samsung executives. At first glance it's just six Note 7 boxes strapped to a teal T-shirt, but blow into a tube poking out of the collar and voila: ominous smoke curls out of all the boxes.

Is it done with some sort of movie prop? Maybe the single tube connects to a vape pen hidden in each box? Or perhaps Chris, for realism's sake, has simply collected six Note 7s and let them do what comes naturally — smolder quietly before pouring out bouts of smoke. It's not clear, but with more than a week to go before Halloween hits, we can only hope Samsung stays in the news long enough for this to still be relevant.

Update 7:20AM ET: Kiley also posted a brief how-to guide on Imgur, showing the behind-the-scenes tubing (although we're still not sure what's making the smoke). More importantly, Kiley noted this is actually a couples' costume, writing: "The finished costume will add caution tape and my fiance is dressing as a firefighter and she will be following me around with a fire extinguisher."