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Google's iPhone keyboard just added one of Apple's best 3D Touch tricks

Google's iPhone keyboard just added one of Apple's best 3D Touch tricks

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Like many iPhone owners, I don't find myself using the device's 3D Touch feature often. But one of the most clever uses that Apple devised for 3D Touch (and the thing that probably keeps me from forgetting about it) is a super convenient way of moving around the cursor in iOS. When you're using Apple's default keyboard, you can press down anywhere on the keyboard and, still holding down, move your finger around the keyboard to quickly relocate the text cursor. Once you've done it a few times, it's way faster (and more precise) than tapping on the area where you want to type.

Now, Google's fantastic iOS keyboard — Gboard — is adding support for the same useful 3D Touch functionality, and it works in a similar way. But it's not quite perfect; whereas Apple's implementation lets you move vertically up and down in a text field, Gboard only lets you move the cursor horizontally. Bummer.

Today's Gboard update also adds a bunch of landscape (nature!) background themes in case you don't have your own photos of a mountainscape. Google's keyboard now supports iOS 10 emoji, and you can quickly share someone's contact info directly from Gboard once you've enabled contact sharing in settings. The latest version is available now from the App Store.

Update October 19th 4:00PM ET: As commenters have noted, Gboard's 3D Touch functionality isn't quite identical to Apple's. We've updated the story to reflect this.