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LeEco says ‘world’s first super bike’ with Android touchscreen will be available soon in US

Dieter Bohn

LeEco, the Chinese tech giant, said today that its Android-enabled “super bike” will soon be available in the US. The bike has a 30-speed shift, on-board lighting, a fingerprint-scanner, built-in alarm and location tracker, and other nifty bells and whistles your average Schwinn bicycle probably lacks.

A 4-inch display touchscreen is nestled in between the handlebars, which is enabled with Google’s Android software. It’s part of LeEco’s suite of televisions, smartphones, and self-driving cars released in San Francisco today.

The company hasn’t said yet when the bike will be for sale in the US, or what the price will be. A version has been for sale in China for several months now at a range of $800-$6,000.