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Bill Belichick just took his frustrations out on his Microsoft Surface

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SB Nation

The Patriots are getting pummeled today in their game against the Buffalo Bills, and head coach Bill Belichick ended up taking his frustration out on his Microsoft Surface.

After seeing something he didn’t like on the screen, he turned and threw the tablet onto a trunk. It bounced and fell — though there’s no way to know if the bulky, blue cases that cover every Surface on the field protected it.

Belichick recently spoke about the tablets at a pre-game conference, noting that when they "[work] it’s good, when it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work."

The Surface Tablets were introduced to the sidelines in 2014 through a partnership with Microsoft, an upgrade from the black-and-white photographs that teams used for decades. They’ve had mixed results, most notably causing issues during a game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos earlier this year. It’s a high-profile marketing move on the part of Microsoft, which gets to show off the tablets to football audiences, but which also has to endure commentators calling them iPads and players such as Aaron Rogers or Johnny Manziel abusing them.

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