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Google's new Wallpapers app gives your phone that fresh feeling

Google's new Wallpapers app gives your phone that fresh feeling


But no, your phone is still slow and old, I'm sorry

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I've long had a pet theory that wallpapers are disproportionately important when it selling new phones. After all, the industrial design of many high-end handsets is pretty identical (just compare the iPhone 7 and the new Google Pixel), but it's the wallpapers that really stand out — those are sometimes the design aspects that feel the newest.

In that spirit, if you want to give your old Android handset a bit of a facelift, Google has just the thing: a new stock app named Wallpapers. The app has a bunch of high quality wallpapers, including some gorgeous landscape photography, cool architectural shots, abstract textures, and some nice Google Earth satellite images very similar to those used in promo pictures for the Pixel. There's also a function that lets you switch your wallpaper every day if that's your thing.

Of course, these are just wallpapers — an abundant digital resource and basically the freest thing in the world. But if you're anything like me, you've probably stopped caring bit about hunting out nice backgrounds for your phone, and it's good to have the easy option of an app with great shots preloaded. Just don't think it's going to make your actual phone any better.