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The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade was the best day of my life

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RIP me

Ever since I learned about the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City, I knew I would have to make it my life's mission to go someday. That dream finally came true for me when I moved to New York last year, and the parade, as expected, did not disappoint. How could you go wrong with hundreds of dogs in adorable costumes? That's right, you can't.

Halloween costume choices for humans and dogs alike are telling of the trends and events of that year. Last year's parade saw meme culture spilling into the real world with dog versions of The Fat Jewish and Netflix and Chill. This year, I fully expected to see plenty of Trump dogs, but was relieved to come across only one (And he was adorable, by the way. Many people have said so. Nobody is more adorable than Trump dog, nobody.) The most popular costume this year was Pikachu, thanks to the breakout success of Pokémon Go. But some trends never die, and this year's crop of contestants included reliable classics like characters from Grease and Harry Potter.


If you want to put yourself right into the chaos of the parade, watch our Facebook Live from the event below!