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iFixit's Pixel teardown shows us the innards of Google's phone

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Google started shipping its Pixel and Pixel XL phones earlier this week, and the team at iFixit documented their teardown, showing off the insides of the company's new device.

One of the big takeaways is the repair score: a six out of 10. That’s not quite as good as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (which score a seven), but it’s far better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 (which scored a three), and the Nexus 6P (two out of 10).


One of the highlights that the team points to is the modular nature of the phone: many of the components can be easily replaced, which makes the phone easier to repair. They also highlighted the HTC battery with a pull tab, which makes it easy to remove and replace, as well as the phone’s front 8-megapixel and back 12.3-megapixel cameras.

The phone isn't flawless when it comes to fixability: they pointed out that the display comes in a thin frame, which is easy to bend or damage.

You can check out the entire teardown on iFixit.

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