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A human-sized NES is roaming Japan looking for Halloween candy

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Whatever dark magic Nintendo cast to make a tiny NES has apparently also produced the opposite — a giant human-sized console, free to roam around the arcades and alleys of Japan with two smaller controllers in tow. It's a particularly detailed replica of Nintendo's iconic first home console, released in Japan as the Famicom, with accurate labels, switches, and colors. But unlike the smaller version of the NES released this year, which is filled with circuit boards and chips, the six-foot creature is likely filled with blood and organs.

It looks like it's a true Family Computer, too, with the smaller controllers holding their parent unit's hands. The NES Classic Edition is available from November 11th, comes with 30 games, and will be priced at $59.99. You might see the gigantic version of the console sooner than that, however — perhaps knocking on your door this Halloween with a bucket of candy in its hands.