First Click: Apple says hello, Microsoft Surface all-in-one PC, and more in the week ahead

October 24th, 2016


We’ve got two huge tech events this week starting with Microsoft on Wednesday, followed by Apple on Thursday.

Microsoft’s Surface event in New York City is expected to yield new Surface hardware and details about the next Windows 10 software update. We also anticipate some Xbox-related news. What we won’t see is a refresh of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book — instead, we’re likely to see a new all-in-one Surface for the desktop as well as new Surface-branded keyboards and a mouse. But most of the event will be focused on the future of Windows 10.

Apple’s "hello again" event is on Thursday and is expected to focus heavily on the Mac. Rumors suggest that Apple will highlight the MacBook Pro with a new dynamic touch control bar that’s meant to replace the existing row of function keys found on current Macs. We’re also expecting refreshed iMacs, MacBook Airs, and even a new 5K standalone monitor with the do-it-all USB-C port playing an important role throughout.

On Monday we’ll see if rumors of Samsung’s enticing new Chromebook with touchscreen and stylus are true. Before being erased from the internet, the so-called "Samsung Chromebook Pro" was outed on a few retail sites last week with a $499 list price and October 24th availability date.

On Tuesday we’ve got the announcement of Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2. Already heavily leaked, the super-high specced Note 2 is set to be another example of how Chinese phone makers threaten to erode the premium phone pricing enjoyed by the likes of Samsung and Apple. A report in Bloomberg today noted that Chinese companies now ship 40 percent of all phones sold in the $500-and-up category.

This week is also a busy week in tech earnings. We’ve got Apple and Pandora announcing on Tuesday, Nintendo on Wednesday, and Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Twitter, Nokia, and Baidu on Thursday.

On Friday, Elon Musk is promising to unveil something new from Tesla and Solar City. Last month Musk said he was targeting the 28th for a "solar roof with integrated Powerwall 2.0 battery and Tesla charger."

But that’s all yet to come. First let’s get caught up on the weekend that was.

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