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The NBA is adding a zoomed-in view for smartphones to all League Pass streams

The NBA is adding a zoomed-in view for smartphones to all League Pass streams


Getting closer makes everything easier to follow

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Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The NBA doesn't think it makes sense to give fans streaming games on a smartphone the exact same vantage point as people watching at home on a large TV screen. So for every game of the upcoming season, it's offering a new option for NBA League Pass customers: Mobile View, a zoomed-in video feed that provides a tighter perspective of whatever's happening on the court.

Beginning tomorrow, Mobile View will appear as a third option alongside the typical home and away feeds when in League Pass. So if you don't have any trouble following the action on your phone's screen and prefer the traditional TV experience, you can stick with that. Mobile View is available on both phones and tablets, but not League Pass apps designed for TVs.

But the difference between the two presentation options is pretty noticeable. To make Mobile View possible for every game, NBA Digital (the joint effort between the league and Turner Sports) set up a camera in every NBA arena. There's a dedicated producer working on Mobile View throughout each game to make sure that the camera is always zoomed in on the right players at any given moment.

NBA League Pass can be purchased in three ways for the upcoming season: there's the full $199.99 package, plus a cheaper $119.99 subscription if you're only interested in following a single team. And like last year, you'll be able to buy streaming access to individual games for $6.99 each. Keep in mind this service is designed for out-of-market games, so blackout rules apply.

If you've got a VR headset, opting for the full subscription might be in your interest, as the NBA announced last week that it plans to stream a game in VR every week this season. Also new this year: League Pass streams will start early enough to provide a peek at pre-game entertainment, and you'll also see in-arena footage during time outs and halftime for the first time.