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Surface Studio name emerges ahead of Microsoft’s PC event

Surface Studio name emerges ahead of Microsoft’s PC event

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Microsoft is expected to unveil a Surface-branded all-in-one PC on Wednesday at an event in New York City. While a PC is expected, we haven't heard rumors of possible names for the device until today. Trademark attorney Brian Conroy may have uncovered potential names for Microsoft's Surface PC, or the software features powering it. Conroy has a habit of spotting trademark filings: he found the AirPods trademark, an AirPods case, and Warner Brothers' filing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Conroy has discovered Microsoft filed for "Surface Laptop" and "Paint 3D," which makes sense given that Microsoft is expected to be launching an overhauled version of its Paint app with 3D features. Conroy also believes Microsoft is behind "Surface Studio," "Surface Dial," and "Dial," trademark filings. A mysterious Slovenian company has applied for these trademarks, alongside one for "Surface." All are filed under computer software or hardware, and it's curious that a Slovenian company, which is represented by a law firm that has applied for Microsoft's trademarks in Slovenia in the past, would spend a considerable amount of money and resources on applying for a trademark that Microsoft already owns.

Potential "Surface Studio" naming also coincides with a report from ZDNet last month. Mary Jo Foley reported that Microsoft's all-in-one PC, codenamed Cardinal, could be positioned as a product that "can turn your desk into a studio." The trademark filings for Surface Studio could be related to Microsoft software or hardware running on the new PC, but they could also be a strange coincidence as we approach Microsoft's event. We'll find out on Wednesday at 10AM ET, and The Verge will be there live to cover every announcement.