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Twitch will host a live cooking show with a former Food Network Star winner

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justin warner

Twitch is getting a live cooking show from the winner of 2012's Food Network Star, Variety reports. Justin Warner will host a two-hour show called ChefShock, in which he’ll cook different recipes while answering questions from viewers.

ChefShock will also partner with several home delivery services so that viewers can purchase the ingredients for each meal before an episode airs, according to Variety. The weekly meal schedule will also be posted online in advance.

Twitch has recently been experimenting with the content it hosts on its platform. Last year, the Amazon-owned company hosted its first ever TV-viewing event in an effort to cross-promote the TBS show King of the Nerds. It has also streamed marathons of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting and Julia Child’s cooking show The French Chef. Amazon also recently premiered several of its pilots on Twitch for 24 hours.

ChefShock will live stream Monday through Friday at 2PM ET, beginning on October 31st.