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T-Mobile just leaked a Windows 10 VR phone

T-Mobile just leaked a Windows 10 VR phone


The Alcatel Idol 4S, to be specific

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During Microsoft's Windows 10 event in New York City today, it looks like T-Mobile jumped the gun and posted the product page for a new Windows 10 smartphone designed for virtual reality. It's an old phone — the Alcatel Idol 4S to be specific. The device was released back in July running Android, and it was sold bundled with a low-cost VR headset similar to the Samsung Galaxy VR. It looks like Microsoft has teamed up with Alcatel to sell its own version of the Idol 4S running Windows 10 Mobile, while it seems customers still get the VR headset with the package.

"The next great frontier of entertainment and information is here, and the Idol 4S is the world’s first Windows-powered smartphone plus VR goggle package," reads T-Mobile's website. "Pre-loaded games and videos expand your reach beyond the screen." Onstage today, Microsoft announced a suite of new VR headsets to be sold by third parties to take advantage of Windows 10's new holographic and VR capabilities. Those headsets will be sold for $299, so this is all a big push from Microsoft to get involved in low-cost VR hardware and software, just as it's pushing its own AR technology at the higher end with the HoloLens.

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