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Microsoft's Surface Studio is a stunning desktop computer

Microsoft's Surface Studio is a stunning desktop computer

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Microsoft just announced the latest member of its Surface family, the Surface Studio. An all-in-one machine, the Studio is targeted toward creative professionals and has features and design traits that make creating artwork with the device easier.

But it’s also a stunningly gorgeous piece of industrial design, with an incredibly thin, vibrant 28-inch LCD panel, zero-gravity hinge that lets you move it from standard desktop position to a drawing surface with just one finger, and a base that houses everything needed to run the computer, with just a single power cable coming out of it.

In addition, the Surface Studio works with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial, a puck-like device that can be rotated to control a variety of things. It’s even possible to put the Dial on the Studio’s screen itself, where a contextual menu lets you select various options depending on your app. The 28-inch display is large and immersive, with great colors. It's really the kind of thing you want to draw on.

This isn't your dad's all-in-one

We’ve had just a few minutes to demo the product, and it’s clear that Microsoft has put a lot of effort into optimizing the machine for its target market. The hinge moves the display effortlessly, the Pen and Dial combine to make input really fun, and the sleek minimalist design looks great.

Microsoft Surface Studio pictures


What’s also clear is that we’re not the target market for this, it’s really built for digital artists and other disciplines that use drawing a lot. If that sounds like you, you can preorder the Surface Studio for $2,999 starting today and expect delivery in December.

Microsoft announces the Surface Studio