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Apple delays AirPods launch

Apple delays AirPods launch


They're not ready yet

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Apple is delaying the launch of its first pair of wireless headphones, the AirPods, which were supposed to come out sometime this month.

In a statement, first given to TechCrunch, Apple says that it "need[s] a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers." It didn't provide an estimate for when the headphones would launch, only saying that "We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready."

It sounds like there's something left to fix

It's not clear exactly what the holdup is. Apple sent out preproduction AirPods units for various reviewers to test out alongside the iPhone 7. At the time, there didn't appear to be any major bugs. But it sounds like there's some sort of technical issue that still needs to be worked out.

Apple delaying products is pretty rare, but it's happened a few times in recent memory. Most recently, Apple delayed the launch of watchOS 2 on the day of its intended launch after discovering a bug.

By putting out a statement on the AirPods ahead of time, Apple gets out of the way something that it'd likely rather not highlight during its on-stage presentation tomorrow morning, when it'll announce the new MacBook Pro.

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