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Microsoft is shrinking its Surface Book gap

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Microsoft's new Surface Book might look a lot like the old one, but there's one subtle change that the company didn't highlight at all at its event today. Comparing both last year's model and the new Surface Book, it's clear that Microsoft has managed to shrink the gap when the hinge is closed. It's a tiny change, but it might make a difference against guarding the keyboard against lint and other dirt. When I reviewed the Surface Book last year, it was something I noticed when I placed the laptop in my bag.

Microsoft has closed the gap slightly thanks to a refined base with a bigger battery and a little bit of extra thickness, but it's not just that alone. The software maker has also increased the ridge at the base of the book where the vents output air from below, and the keys are much closer to touching the display when it's closed as a result. It's hard to show in photos, but it's noticeable when you compare both devices. The gap isn't completely gone, but it has certainly shrunk, and maybe the Surface Book 2 will eradicate it altogether. We'll probably have to wait until next year to find out.

Surface Book hinge gap 2

Microsoft introduces the new Surface Book